BizWise Realty marketing plans are aggressive and are designed to lease the property in under 30 days. We accomplish this by marketing the property through the following channels. We understand the types of media that work for each of the properties we manage. We will discuss them with you in detail when we take your property to market.


The BizWise Realty website is one place in which your property will be presented in great detail. Other media channels will be used to market your property, and they will relate back to this website where prospects can find:

Numerous high quality exterior and interior photos
Professionally crafted property descriptions that attract tenant interest
Simple online and offline contact methods to encourage prospects to contact us to view properties
Online rental application to easily apply for a property


Through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS®), we have syndication relationships with numerous online listing sites where renters go to locate their next home. Our marketing plan allows your property to be featured on more than 15 frequently visited rental listing sites such as Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, HotPads, and many more.


The BizWise Realty Facebook, Instagram, Twitter pages are other places where we market your property to prospective tenants. We use these and other social channels to create buzz about your property to provide maximum exposure for your property.


Avoiding the need for an eviction through the following exhaustive tenant screening procedures is how BizWise Realty keeps our clients happy and their investments profitable.


Prior to showing a property, we will have a brief conversation with the prospect. We ask questions that help us determine if they are a good candidate to rent the property based on their income and credit profile.


We facilitate the rental process through our free online application that makes it easy for any prospective tenants to apply to rent a property. Our rental application covers the questions needed to verify proof of income, check on references, and screen for any potentially problematic tenants.


To confirm that applicants are financially able to cover the rent and their living expenses, we collect proof of income such as pay stubs, bank statements, W-2s, and 1099s. Whether a prospective tenant is paid hourly or is self-employed, we will collect the necessary documents to verify the amount of money they make.


Information provided on the rental application allows us to check the prospective tenant’s credit and criminal history along with their rental and employment history. We call past and current landlords to verify that rent is paid on time and that the property is taken care of. Employment references are also contacted to confirm pay and work history.


Once all of the above procedures are completed, a conversation with the owner takes place where we go over each application and make our recommendation as to which tenant will be the best fit for the property. From these recommendations, our clients experience some of the lowest vacancy rates in Orange County.


BizWise Realty thoroughly vets the contractors we use for reliability, workmanship, and cost-competitiveness. When your property has a maintenance or repair issue, we act immediately to resolve it.

Our agents are very thorough when documenting property condition before a tenant moves in and when they move out using a dual purpose move in/move out checklist. This allows for the fair settlement of any damage to the property that is not considered normal wear-and-tear.

Any repairs are carefully documented, invoice copies are supplied, and any warranties are forwarded to the owner. We also prepare financial statements associated with the property to provide transparency and to ensure all possible tax deductions are taken by our clients.


Our property owners can count on prompt collection of rent and remittance to them within two business days after we collect it. All documentation and accounting records are maintained to keep property owners informed of their investment’s performance on a regular basis.


BizWise Realty takes multiple steps to determine the market rent for your property. Our goal is to obtain the highest rent possible while keeping the property priced to attract qualified renters in a timely fashion. We will conduct a detailed market analysis and consult with you to agree on a monthly rent for the property.


In the event that a tenant defaults on rent, BizWise Realty takes action at the earliest time allowed by law. Late rent penalties will be enforced and any late charges will be assessed and collected. We will take necessary action to evict tenants in default of their lease and retain any deposits allowed by law.