Rent is due by the 1st day of each month and is late after the 3rd of the month. The penalty for late rent is 10% of the monthly rent to be included with any rent not in our possession as of the 3rd of the month. Rent can be paid the following ways:

Mail a check to our office (please mail at least three days before the end of the previous month)
Hand-deliver a check to our office mailbox (please deliver before the 3rd to avoid late fees)
Credit card taken over the phone or online before the 3rd with a 2.75% service charge added
Electronic ACH payment via our tenant portal located here
Should there ever be a time you anticipate being late on rent, please contact us ahead of time to work out a payment arrangement.


Attention to detail in handling tenants who move in and move out from our rental properties is for the benefit of both owners and tenants. Misunderstandings are avoided by knowing the following procedures.

Tenants can move in to the property on the commencement date outlined in their lease agreement.
During the first seven days when a new tenant occupies the property, they are given an opportunity to fill out the move in property condition checklist.
Any maintenance concerns, existing damages, and appliance issues should be notated.
The same form will be used at move out to notate any damage that is not considered “normal wear and tear” so it is in your best interest to be thorough on what you notate at move in.
Within a week before the lease is up, each tenant is advised to accompany management at the property to complete the move out checklist. This allows both parties to discuss any problems that could result in partial or full forfeiture of the security deposit.
Tenants must have all personal items out of the property and off the premises by the end of the last day of the lease. Any personal items left in the property will be disposed of by management according to law. There could be charges against the security deposit if there is a cost involved in disposal.
After providing a forwarding address to us upon move out, a check will be mailed within 21 days for the refund of the security deposit less any deductions for damage to the premises. Should any deductions be taken, a letter will be included itemizing the deductions along with invoice backup.
Should you have any questions about our move in/move out procedures, please contact our office as we would be happy to assist you!